Vapir Prima Review

Vapir’s newest vaporizer is so beautiful and, well, different. The repetitive nature of vaporizer design becomes disheartening and dull but the portable Vapir Prima stands out for its gorgeous exterior features and practical interior design.


Firstly, you can use either waxy concentrates or dry herbs with the Prima. That’s great: one mod, two substances. You just saved yourself money because you only need to buy one vaporizer.

Vapor Channel

While glass is the preferred vapor channel material, Vapir’s stainless steel channel is also worthy. Not only is stainless steel a hygienic choice but this model contains a removable vapor channel. Vapers can really get this part clean, which is hard to do when the pathway is buried in shadow.

Rechargeable, Replaceable Cell

You can take out the battery to recharge it, creating a highly convenient system for vapers who never want to be either cut-off from a recharging vaporizer or tied to a laptop by the USB cord so they can continue to vape. That is a choice, however: you can plug the mod into a USB outlet instead.


The body of brushed aluminum is available in stylish colors: black, blue, orange, or silver. Even though orange is an option here, it doesn’t come across in the same way as a Storz & Bickel mod because orange dominates; it’s not an accent against industrial black or stainless steel. The mouthpiece is made from black silicone and the entire design, oriented horizontally, sits well in the hand and mouth.


Select your temperature setting: four options in the range of 350F to 400F indicated by lights along the top. Experts say this creates an experience that isn’t completely combustion-free. I would say that’s up to the user: set your temperature accordingly so as to avoid burning.


The reason your herbs could be burned is that the system is a blend of conduction and convection, with convection dominant. A 3200-mAh battery heats your mod quickly and it stays hot for an hour before you have to recharge.

Add Materials

When you choose your material, take off the cap and find the heating chamber. Here you add herbs or wax. Ensure herbs are finely ground. For waxes, add these to a mesh pad and insert that.

The Vapir Prima Kit

Each set contains two each of screens and wax pads plus a plug brush and filling scoop. You receive a cleaning tool, charging base and cord, and a sleeve for the silicone cap.

Pros and Cons

The Vapir Prima isn’t perfect. Firstly, there’s the $260 price tag to deal with. That’s probably about right for a portable vaporizer of any quality, but vapers will have to think carefully about spending that kind of money. When they do, it’s worth remembering the Vapir Prima’s battery lasts just 1 hour per charge.

On the other hand, there is the USB option which fills in the gap if you don’t possess spare, charged batteries hanging around for these occasions. The beauty of this item is impressive, though, and its dual functionality plus 4 heat settings will grab vapers’ attention.

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