Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

Mighty is as mighty does and this is one powerful portable vaporizer. Storz & Bickel’s portable, wireless device has earned the name “Mighty,” but at a price of $470 consumers could still be forgiven for wondering if they get what they pay for.

How to be Mighty

How does the “Mighty” come to earn its name?

Firstly, this is a convection/conduction vaporizer. Most handheld devices only use conduction to vaporize herbs which frequently leads to burning.

Convection circulates air around herbs so that they do not have to be ground as finely. Also, the convection process ensures that herbs are more efficiently vaporized. Customers get more from their herbs this way.

Secondly, the Mighty features such a clear and easy-to-read display that it looks as though the readings are painted on. No other screen is quite as stunning or clear as the one on this device.

Thirdly, users say their Mighty vaporizer produces almost as much vapor as a lot of desktop models which would cost as much as Storz & Bickel’s portable unit without the convenience of being wireless.

With temperatures reaching up to 410F, the fourth reason to call this a mighty device is the heat exchanger. Usually, a handheld, wireless vaporizer is such a small thing that there is no room for all of this technology. A heat exchanger cools vapor before you inhale it, creating a smoother finish.

Why So Big?

The Mighty’s size also contributes to its name. As I said, a portable device is usually unable to fit a heat exchanger and convection heating system so the Mighty is bigger than most wireless items.

You sure won’t be stuffing it into a pocket. Storz & Bickel’s portable unit measures 5.5 x 3.2 x 1.2 and weighs half a pound: significant but not onerous.

Another reason for its large size is that two batteries live in that no-nonsense shell. To fit them both inside, an extra-room case had to be built. Two batteries operate at 110V and 36W: that is a lot of power. It will shut off automatically when not used for 60 seconds. Storz & Bickel supplies a 2-year warranty.

More Features

One fun element of the Mighty is that when the temperature you chose has been reached, the device will vibrate, alerting you noiselessly that it’s game on after 70 to 90 seconds (just over a minute). Set your temperature accurately using the plus and minus keys and watch the value climb on your display.

The Mighty package comes with cleaning tools, an herb mill, a filling tool, and a liquid pad. Use this device to vaporize herbs or essential oils. Spare rings are also included.

What Does the Mighty Look Like?

A lot of products along these lines are disguised to resemble smart phones, inhalers, and thick markers. Some are vibrantly colored or bear unique designs. The Mighty could be mistaken for some kind of military remote control device for operating a drone: it’s not so fancy.


This wireless item is built for function with ridged vents, a diagonal straw, and black material trimmed here and there with orange. Black and orange are the signature Storz & Bickel colors (think of the Plenty).

Should I Buy a Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer?

Admittedly, $470 is pricey for a handheld device when the most expensive out of several very good alternatives costs less than $300 (Firefly, Ascent, and Pax, for instance). But those machines do not come with the pedigree of a Storz & Bickel machine.

Just think of what the Volcano has done for vapers and how sturdy it is. Like most technology made in Germany, the Mighty should last for a decade or even longer.

Consumers ensure other readers that the Mighty is an excellent device and that it’s easy to clean. They find it accurate, easy to use, and Storz & Bickel impresses anyone that has to deal with customer service.

If you vape a lot and like to vape while moving around indoors or away from the house, the Mighty could be a great investment. For the wallflower, it will also bring you a lot of unwanted attention away from home. Shy people should keep it for home use exclusively.


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