Iolite Pilgrim

Oglesby and Butler of Ireland already produce portable vaporizing devices that are quite discrete known as the Iolite Original and the Wispr 2. These are herbal vaporizing machines operated using butane and a flameless catalytic converter for safe and simple operation.

These two items, sold in numerous colors, are loved by herbal vapers around the world, but they have not been able to own a device for use with concentrates, oils, or e liquids from O&B until now. Today, these vapers can rely on Oglesby and Butler for all their vaping needs.

The Iolite Pilgrim

On the face of it the Pilgrim appears to be a pod, like a tiny time capsule or a huge pill. Both ends are rounded and covered, but one reveals a mouthpiece and the other covers a USB charging port. An Iolite Pilgrim is a battery-operated e cig; a departure from O&B’s usual butane-powered technology.

E Cig Discretion

Measuring a hair under 3 ¾ inches long, it could be the smallest 650-mAh e cig on the market currently. Consumers should manage about 200 puffs on a charge and charging takes about 1 ½ hours. After that, being 650 mAh with a 1.8-ml tank will provide hours of uninterrupted vaping.

Recharge for Continued Use

This is a rechargeable device. You can attach it to a USB port more than 300 times before the battery runs out of power for good. What consumers will love about the Iolite Pilgrim most is that it is all one piece: a magnetic battery, clearomizer, mouthpiece, and covers all in one black and clear package for around $30 to $45.

Comparisons with other 650-mAh Devices

For a figure of around $30, one can usually purchase an entire 650-mAh e cig with a similar-sized tank. The Pilgrim has a disposable look to it as though one is not meant to rebuild the tank or replace the atomizer, but Oglesby and Butler provide instructions as to how one replaces the heating coil. So: this isn’t a throw-away piece.

For now, only a few places are selling the Pilgrim. If it catches on, this tiny e cig could be available from both e cig and vaping stores online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Until this happens, you are going to have to replace tanks through a handful of distributors, and you know that is bound to come up.

Even a sturdy tank will go kaput after a few months, long before a battery gives up. Unfortunately, this appears to be a proprietary device. You cannot simply select a tank of your own preference and thread it onto the unusual e cig. The tank slots onto the battery with an attached cartomizer going through the middle.

Pros and Cons

Aesthetically, this is a pleasingly modern addition to a growing collection of products. Nothing else looks like it. The Pilgrim will slide out of sight into a pocket, maybe even your wallet given its tiny dimensions (17.5 mm width).

Unfortunately, there are so many proprietary features that I do not see a future in tank-cracking liquids with this new e cig. Still, if your main purpose is to vape oils, there can’t be a pen providing greater stealth (O&B have not released colors). There are no LED lights; just clean vaping in a simple package for an affordable price. If you rely on Oglesby and Butler for herbal vaping tools and like their style, the company has earned your trust.


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