FLYTLAB H2FLO Elite Vaporizer

Herbal vaporizers sometimes look like clones of each other, which is partly because many of them really are clones. A manufacturer in China produces a series of devices all identical in shape, the same or nearly the same colors, and they operate alike as well.

All a company has to do is ask for their logo to be affixed to 100,000 of them. The heating element might be changed for something better, but style-wise there’s nothing unique about these items.

Then a company comes along with their unusual design for an herbal vaporizer and really stands out. That’s what I see with the FLYTLAB H2FLO Elite.

Eventually you will wonder about internal properties or performance, but at first you will probably be curious and a little bit “wowed” by how it looks.

FLYTLAB H2FLO Elite Figure

This is basically a $220 black wand with divots cut out of it and the feel of a piece of stealthy weaponry. Press the button and what happens? A green laser shoots out the top. Okay, that’s not what happens, but don’t tell me your imagination doesn’t go there when you see this vaporizer.

FLYTLAB H2FLO Elite features

The H2FLO Elite utilizes what the company calls a Smart Heat System (SHS) which, they guarantee, will produce clean, superior-tasting vapor each time you light up electronically. We all like the idea of smart energy; it is part of the new wave of efficiency-minded consumerism and environmentally friendly attitudes among North American shoppers.

Is it true; is this futuristic device as smart as it looks?

Well, the oven uses “Coil Infused Ceramic Oven Tech” according to their website. Sure sounds smart, like literature so obscure it must be good. FLYTLAB doesn’t go into a whole lot of detail about the coil to tell you why it’s a “smart” system or to distinguish it from other systems.

Ceramic ovens aren’t new and neither is the promise that this will be a true vaporizer. FLYTLAB has, however, created a convection system and that is always more efficient and effective at creating vapor.

True Vaporization

In other words, the H2FLO Elite won’t burn your herbs. By implication, some vaporizers can and do create herbal combustion (smoking, essentially). Some company’s promises have come to nothing after everything they said, but a convection vaporizer is likely to be successful in this regard. Choose from three settings (high, medium, and low) and the device will create vapor when it reaches your setting.

H20 with H2FLO

The name of this portable unit is suggestive of water, so it must appear somewhere. There are three ways to approach vaping with the H2FLO by FLYTLAB:

• maintain its slender dimensions and vape as you do with other products
• add an Air Chamber
• attach a water chamber to cool vapor and filter it at the same time

The first method is used by vapers all over the country operating most portable vaporizers.

The second one, according to FLYTLAB, helps the device to “contain the vapors during a full baking session” as though you could be creating more vapor than you can enjoy at one time. There is a window in this chamber so you can see for yourself.

The third option — water vaping — is highly popular for creating a smooth and cool result, but makes the device too long for portable use.

It is a three-in-one product but only in the sense that there are 3 ways to vape dry herbs. Most individuals would save the water method for home. When the device is charged, it lasts for up to 2 hours.

Package Contents

Your vaporizer contains an internal rechargeable battery and comes with a USB cord and power plug. You also receive a grinder, tools, and extra O-rings. I don’t know what you would do with the FLYTLAB sticker but it’s in the box as well.

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